We support smallholder farmers at risk of exclusion
We support smallholder farmers at risk of exclusion


Una inversión de impacto

The Huruma Fund strategy focuses on contributing to improve the quality of life of farmers in Latin America, the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, increasing their revenue and reducing poverty. 80% of people in extreme poverty live in rural areas and over 75% of the rural population that is economically active living in extreme poverty, work in agriculture**. In addition, the great majority are in a “vicious cycle of poverty” due to the lack of resources and financial exclusion.

Huruma is a project launched by GAWA Capital in association with the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) through FONPRODE and COFIDES, with the support of the European Union. It is the first European Social Entrepreneurship Fund (EuSEF) in Spain, with a scale of 120 million euros.

** Source: FAO

The Huruma Fund contributes to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Fund’s investments aim to significantly improve the life of people.

  • SDG 1

    SDG 1

    End poverty in all its forms everywhere: the fund will help increase the income of disadvantaged rural populations.

  • SDG 2

    SDG 2

    End hunger: increasing agricultural production will contribute to a greater availability of food for people suffering from hunger and malnutrition.

Blended finance

Innovative structure that catalyzes private investment towards social impact.

The Huruma Fund has an innovative blended finance structure supported by the European Union and Spanish development cooperation institutions (AECID and COFIDES).

Thanks to this structure, public funds are used to reduce the risk for private investors, thus attracting vital capital to achieve SDGs and reduce poverty:

• First-loss tranche of 10 million euros, funded by the European Union and managed by COFIDES.

• 20 million euros of subordinated debt, funded by the Development Promotion Fund (FONPRODE), managed by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) with the support of COFIDES.

• Private investment of 90 million euros.

The Huruma Fund applies a portfolio diversification strategy based on the type of entity invested in, geography and type of investment.

Investment policy

The Fund applies a strategy that allows portfolio diversification.

Investment policy

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Transforming the offer of financial services to meet the needs of smallholder farmers.

The transforming power and social impact of the Huruma Fund will be reinforced by a Technical Assistance Facility of an additional 7.7 million euros funded by the European Union.

Customized Technical Assistance Projects, designed to strengthen systems, processes and human capital efficiently and sustainably.