PROCREDITO, Financial Company


PROCREDITO | Financial Company

ProCredito is a non-regulated financial company in Mexico (SOFOM) focused on serving the semi-formal SME through business loans (working capital and fixed assets) with an average loan size of EUR 28,000. It is the spin-off of ProCredit Mexico, founded by ProCredit Holding (which operates financial institutions in Eastern Europe and Latin America). It was established in Mexico in 2007 through an investment by the IADB and DOEN (Dutch Lottery Foundation) to promote SME lending.

ProCredito’s mission is to finance semi-formal SMEs in the transport and agriculture sectors, operating through strategic alliances. In recent years, its agricultural portfolio has experienced strong growth driven by the berry export boom, expecting to reach EUR 15 million by 2024.

ProCredito currently has 19% of its portfolio in agriculture, working with certain value chains through traders who have agreements with small producers. The institution expects to increase the agricultural portfolio to 25% by 2023.

ProCredito has specific targets for green loan placements, financing efficient irrigation systems and the reduction of pollutants through gas conversions.

Country: Mexico

Investment: EUR 3,6 MM

Investment type: Debt

Technical assistance: Pending

Investment date: Jun 2022

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Huruma: Transforming Lives

Huruma’s investment in ProCredito aims to transform the lives of smallholder farmers through the following theory of change:

Input: EUR 3,6 MM focused on Agricultural SMEs’ financing.

Output: Agricultural SMEs’ portfolio reaches >EUR 15 MM.

Outcome: > 4,000 agri families impacted*.

(*) Metric calculated by estimating an average of 10 employees in Mexican SMEs.
PROCREDITO, Financial Company